Sep 302012

tub for Weight LossHealth and happiness go hand in hand. Much like rest and relaxation. And when it comes to wooden hot tubs, these four concepts come together. It is no secret that a wooden hot tub is a wonderful way to soak away your cares. However, we would like to let you in on a little known secret: your Wooden Hot Tub benefit can be a powerful weight loss tool.
This all sounds too good to be true, right? Well we have come across some very common sense facts that all point to soaking in a wooden hot tub as an excellent, proven way to shed unwanted kilos. We explore the top 3 facts to show you how incorporating a firewood hot tub into your health self-care regime makes sense and further, can help you trim down without the need for harsh dieting or strenuous exercise.

1. It’s all about hormones. The stress hormone cortisol is the bane of every busy executive’s existence. Leading to hair loss and thickening of the mid-section, cortisol levels are high when we have too much to do and don’t take time out to relax. Spending just 10 minutes a day in the hot tub has been shown to lower cortisol levels, giving us time to unwind and achieve hormonal balance. A trimmer waistline is coming your way if you can just get your cortisol levels down. We like to call it ‘relaxing for weight loss!’

2. Insomnia and poor sleep patterns cause us to hold on to extra weight. Research carried out by Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, showed that women who get at least seven hours of sleep each night had a reduced likelihood of major weight gain. On the other hand, women who slept only five hours a night were 15% more likely to become obese. Nothing gets you in the mood to sleep like a good soak in a wooden hot tub. So treat yourself to a nice long hot session with the hot tubs benefits and then hibernate to lose weight!

3. It absolutely goes without saying that the food we eat is what makes us gain weight. Losing weight really does come down to controlling what we eat. But dieting takes so much discipline and even the best laid plans go awry after just a few weeks. The good news is, a wooden hot tubs benefits can help to reduce your appetite. How? Simply have a nice cool drink of water in the early evening and then head to your hot tub and soak for around 15 minutes before dinner. We guarantee that you will find your appetite significantly diminishes after hot tub soaking.

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