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tubsNothing is more great and pleasant than relaxing in your own hot tub, especially after a difficult and long day at work. Sadly, few people can afford it as they are not cheap at all and the heating costs (based on gas or electricity) are also high. However, these are the main reasons behind the increased popularity of wood burning hot tubs. Such a hot tub makes perfect sense for anyone looking to have a hot tub, but without the high costs that are commonly associated with it.

The function of a wood burning hot tub is basically the same as of a regular hot tub. However,

a regular hot tub uses gas and/or electricity to heat the water, while the other one is fired by wood. As wood is widely available and is cheap, these hot tubs are extremely affordable as compared to the overall costs of a conventional hot tub.

Wood burning hot tubs are available fat more than reasonable prices. As an alternative, you can even turn to a skilled builder or hot tub specialist to build you such a hot tub. Still, keep in mind that building a hot tub on your own is most enjoyable and cheapest way to go.

Before staring to build your own wood burning hot tub, you need to have all the necessary materials. Factors that influence the list of needed materials are the size of the hot tub, the site you want to place and also your individual preferences. Once the site is selected, use a sufficient amount of sand for the level base you want to position the hot tub. It is also important for the ground to be level after the tub has been placed.

Select a suitable (bulk, stock or metal) liquid tank for your needs and selected size, along with a heating system that can be used with wood burning hot tubs. Again, you can purchase one or can build one. It should not be difficult at all to purchase such a heater, as almost any option will do the job.

In the case bulk liquid tank you have to trip off the top of the cage with a hacksaw or a grinder. This is when its height can be adjusted to the right level. The edges can be flattened with the use of the file or the grinder. Next, you can replace the top rings of the cage, putting back the tank into the cage. Several modifications are required with a bulk liquid tank, prior of becoming fully functional.

The wood burning hot tub can be constructed even below the ground, project which can be an opportunity for some nice relaxation. In order to dig and get the desired shape you’ll need a pick axe and shovel. Next, you will have to line it with the use of plastic sheets fastened to the ground with roofing nails. It is also important to make sure, while still in the designing process, that you have calculated the position of the heater for your hot tub.

You can adequately secure the sheet in place with chicken wires, also providing a base required for concrete lining. Once the concrete has dried, you can put in the burner and the insulating cover as well for the whole tub.

The required steps are somehow simplified and the actual work that is required may not be as simple and easy as it might appear. Still, keep in mind that these steps will help you save a considerable amount of money. Also, you can find additional information anytime on numerous different websites and forums on how to build such a hot tub.

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