Nov 062015

home-theater-2The smartest way to transform your living room into a cinema or theatre hall is to get a 7.1 home theater system. This sound system with seven audio channels is an excellent choice for large rooms where the sound effects gives the movie watcher the opportunity to fully immerse in the complexity of surround sounds. The main difference from the 5.1 home theatres is the extra two rear speakers added to render deeper and much profounder sounds.

The 7.1 is seldom encoded on a standard DVD because lack of space and its soundtrack of a movie, for instance, enables the speakers in the back to create the impression that the sounds come towards you from behind you, or that sounds fade away.
For instance, when you are watching an action movie and the character is being chased by somebody or something, you are able to hear the sounds coming from the back, as they are produced by those extra two rear speakers.

Nowadays, there are lots of BluRay discs manufactured to have an increased storage space, thus they do have the option for the 7.1 surround sound. So, the lack of disc space should no longer prevent you from buying a 7.1 home theatre system. Also, the fact that most home theatres can benefit from this kind of surround sound while watching BluRays would give one more reason to buy a 7.1 system. However, the key to a properly working system is to make sure that you have installed it correctly. In this way you did not waste your money. But, if the space in which you want to place the theatre is not spacious enough and does not give you enough room to place the subwoofer and the speakers in such a way that you can benefit from a quality surround sound, maybe sticking to your old 5.1 home theatre system would be a better idea. This system may be old but it is not inefficient and oblivious and still produces high quality, true to reality sounds.

Placing money into a 7.1 system is a serious investment so you need to make sure you make an informed decision. Nobody was born a technology ace, but you do not want to make an investment that does not meet your requirements or expectations. The first thing to consider would be the reason why this kind of system would be a great choice and addition to your home and of course you think of best sound quality. 7.1 means in fact better surround sound thanks to the extra two rear speakers. The sound is not distorted or blown out. According to reviews, the best sound is rendered by the Onkyo HT-S7100 Theatre System, which can decode all of the latest formats, Panasonic SC-BT300 Theatre System, Sony HT-CT100 Theatre System. These are some of the most popular items, but you can always rely on a consultant to help you choose the system that is right to you. Do not make hasty decisions and make sure you get the best deal on the home theatre system of your dreams.

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