Jan 012016

 Root BarrierHave you ever heard of the company called City green? They have constructed solutions for urban landscaping so that trees on the urban area, such as on the streets of a city, can grow healthy and strong. One of the solutions they have is the use of root barriers. A root barrier is a device that guides the roots of the trees to the ground and into pavements where they can get enough water.

There is an irrigation system called the StrataCell that allows the tree to have enough water from rain. In this system, root barriers are used. Here’s how. The StrataCell system used pipes that are connected to the root pavements of the tree. When it rains the tree grilles which is set up on the streets allows the rain water to flow through the pipes. In order for the roots to go directly on the pavements where the pipes deposit the water, the roots have root barriers. Another use for the root barriers is to hold the rots within the ground. This is very important because if the roots of the trees are not in place it could go up on the ground and this will lead for the streets to be damaged. If this also happens it could be that the tree will fall down because the roots no longer hold the soil. These are very effective means and solutions so thanks to City Green we don’t have to worry about the trees on the streets and we don’t also have to worry about flooding roads.

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