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Flat Roof SystemsIt has been noted that most flat roof systems use modified bitumen. This is a commercial product that is designed with a 3.5 or up to 5.0 mm of thickness. It is usually made with a width of 3 inches and a length of 33 inches. The application of modified bitumen requires a torch to liquefy the bottom part and have it applied as insulation. A felt paper base type of sheet may also be used in the application.

An individual who is not well informed about the availability of such a commercial product may easily fall into the guiles of contractors promising to install a roofing material that can last 15 years whereas the modified bitumen may only last for 10 to 12 year term. In which case, the individual, who is all trusting, will pay for a hefty price clueless that he has already been ripped off.

Such a circumstance can happen to anyone. This is why everyone should make it a point to be well read and well informed about all decisions especially when it deals with building a structure. The following guidelines may serve to help you along.
Always check the receipt for material specification. When you have already signed up with a contractor, you have to make sure to check and scrutinize the receipt. This is to ensure that the goods promised will be delivered. If the brand of the material is specified in the contract, compare it with the receipt and make sure it matches. In addition, check for warranty on the materials too.
Verify if the contractor is certified to install the roofing materials specified. This will help you ensure that not only is the contractor delivering the goods or materials a promised but that they are also capable and skilled in the installation which can guarantee quality on their work. The only way to guarantee this is if the material is installed properly according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Ask for a written report. You also have to make it a point to ask the contractor to come up with a written report on the project. This is for you to track the progress of the project.

It will serve as a guarantee of the work done. In which case, if anything does not go as planned, you have something to refer to for any plan of action you may see fit to address the issue.
In case modified bitumen shall be used in the flat roof system, you have to get a guarantee that such will be covered using a fibrated silver asphalt base. This will serve as a reflective coating. What it does is it blocks UV rays from the sun to make the material last much longer and slow down the process of wear and tear. It matters to know the coating rate in which the silver asphalt is to be applied. The recommended rate is at 75s.f in every gallon. You have to see to it that the contractor you are dealing with meets the requirements.

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