Jan 012016

City GreenCity Green provides urban landscaping services. They have a vision and mission to promote a clean and green environment. That is why one of their services is landscaping and they focus on urban areas because they are concerned about the trees that grow there and the people in that area. It is a given fact that those trees growing in the cities are weak and fragile.

Let me break down to you the factors that affect their health. First of all, no body take cares of them. This is actually okay because even forest trees grow healthy without care but the difference is that they are in the urban area where pollution is everywhere. Speaking of pollution, this is the number one cause of a tree’s weakness. The tree circulates air and if the air that circulates in their system is polluted they will filter that dirt and it might be the cause of their deaths. Pollution is not only found in the air, water is also polluted. And since they take in polluted water, they could also die due to contamination. But with the help of City Green, those trees can come alive and strong like those forest trees too. They have crafted solutions for the trees to grow in urban area without the risk of killing them. They have integrated a series of irrigation system to help the trees grow stronger than before. They also had devices for the plants to grow safe in the urban area. All of these are solutions they made for the urban area trees and the people there.

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