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Urban LandscapingHello, I’m Gina. I own a little garden in the urban area of the suburbs. I love flowers and ornamental plants so the day that I heard about landscaping, I immediately looked for someone to do it for me. I have tried a lot of landscaping in my garden. Urban landscaping really works for me though and it was constructed by the City Green. This is a company who focuses on urban areas for landscaping and other services but they are mostly focused on the city trees and such so I was very lucky that they did my garden even though it’s just a small portion of area.

The day came that my neighbours moved so I bought their place and I extended my garden. Once I got the place I contacted them again and asked for another project. This time my land portion was bigger and I wanted to make a little green house in it. I told them all my plans for my garden I want to have a little flower farm and a forest like background of trees too. We had a hard time figuring out the irrigation system though. It was hard for us to come up with the ideas and solutions that will not destroy the fertility of the soil. After weeks of brain storming we finally agreed on a settlement and work was on progress. It took months before the work is done. After that, I opened my garden to the public and sold plants too. Thanks City Green!

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