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Buying a home is the dream of many. However, the choice of our house or apartment can make mistakes and make an investment that ultimately will not serve us. It is not just a question of choosing it as cheap or at bontica that look, it’s also a matter of geographical location, site safety and closeness / distance from our place of work or study.

Every account when choosing our home, it’s good to give us time to think about it, because we live in our house, possibly the rest of our lives.

Studying bids

It is good to go by the first offer, we must be patient and not to
yield to the usual pressures of the vendors, who probably only interest as a source of income and nothing else. It’s good to tell family and close friends who are looking for a house, maybe one of them has for sale or learn a good deal. What better than anyone in our trust to advise.
When choosing a new home, we must ensure that access to all services we are accustomed to, that our company’s cell phone works well in place, consider the neighborhood and the path from our center will work or study. Should also learn that handles traffic at peak hours sector.

Consistent with our economic reality

One of the saddest things is to see how the investment of years and all the history surrounding a house is lost through inability to pay. We all want the best for us and our family, but we must always take into account our real income and not our future projects that do not even know if it will achieve development.

Always consider the best investment is the cash price. If we are economically able to buy a home without paying a loan or mortgage must be done without hesitation. It is a worthwhile investment.

Taking into account our work

You have seen newlyweds, full of enthusiasm and energy, buy beautiful homes. But far from their workplace. During the first months is not a problem, the thrill of finally having roof itself erases everything. But as the years pass, the routine can be obnoxious and cause more stress. Yes, in some cases should continue to rent, our health, well you can enforce.

A college professor used to say that investing in their own house was not convinced. She had moved a large house near his work, not very expensive rent, to a smaller home and beyond, and now had less time to spend with their children.


As we talked above, when not paid a mortgage on a house, the bank operated to keep the well and recover the money from the sale. Depending on the laws of each country, so are the laws in these cases. I know about a case that got a big house, central to a bargain price, at a public auction. The happy owner now learned through a legal decree of about 50 words that were hidden in one of the last pages of a diary not much movement. A consultation with a lawyer friend about us best illustrated by the laws of our country in these cases.

Final note

This article will not be the final word for the election of a new home, the choice will always depend on many factors. The idea of these lines was only present an indicative picture of our alternatives.

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