Apr 042015

Timber Hot TubPeople who want to follow eco-friendly methods will go behind these traditional wooden bath tubs. Timber hot tubs are being built with the help of natural cooperage talents, which are utilized by the barrel manufacturers. These tubs may actually leak at first, once they are filled by water.
The planks of woods will bulge against the metal bands and can possibly produce watertight natural seal, with no sealants or glue utilization.
Most of the tub manufacturers consider cedar to be the very famous material to produce a wooden tub. Teak and redwood are also used but may turn into some silver-grey shades in a long run. You can use the tubs made of cedar for even 20 year and more. In addition, they required very low maintenance. Timber hot tubs are heavier in weight while comparing to modern spa methods. They can hole more water, as it has deeper structure. This set up does not require a strong concrete base to make them sit upon this.
In olden days, these tubs were heated with the help of wood burning stoves, without pumps. Today you have the choice of using electric heater, jets and pump. In order to have an eco-friendly experience, most of the timber hot tubs are subjected to be heated using semi-submerged wood stove in one of the corner of the tub. This action can possibly result in carbon neutral and proper economy.
It is good to see modern type of wooden hot tubs in rural homes. These timber hot tubs will ideally looks stunning in a valley or among stand of trees. This kind of tubs set up in the urban environment, you may feel that you are in the countryside. You can consider this type of bathing to be one of the ways to go behind nature. People in a machine and hi-tec environment will feel more relaxed, if they have a chance of getting back to nature like bathing in traditional timber hot tubs.
Previously, recycled wine barrels are used as the natural hot tubs. But, the recent hot tubs are manufactured in such a way by using sustainable and ethical source like timber. The construction mainly uses cooperage skills and craftsmanship in order to add an eco-feel to the tub. These wooden hot tubs will also provide you more fun and relaxation. You can search for many online retailers in order to get one such bath tub.

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