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Timber hot tub on stock” target=”_blank”It may seem strange that, even in these modern times, we are often reverting to traditional and age old methods. Even though we are surrounded by technical innovations, we often resort to solutions that are more natural and that have existed for centuries. Many traditional and simple methods that were long forgotten with the progress of modern times and numerous inventions, often come back into vogue. One perfect example is timber hot tubs. Before the advent of modern plumbing works and the facility of hot and cold water flowing through the turn of taps, there was the provision of taking baths in tubs that had a therapeutic effect on the users. Even though at that time the modern hot tubs were not invented, the seeds of such modern technology lay in the simple designs of hot tubs that were used in earlier times. Even though the concept of running water was a rarity in those days and public baths were more in vogue, the concept of water therapy had already been discovered and the therapeutic effect of water pressure was evident in the water circulation system in the ancient bath places.

If you are envying your neighbour’s modern new pool in the backyard or the Jacuzzi tub that they have got newly installed, you can save your money and get something more exotic and natural for your family. Invest in one of the many timber hot tubs available in the market today. The advantages of such structures are numerous. You are sure to love the barrel design in smooth wood of the timber hot tubs. The modern design of facilitating cold and hot water inside the tub in a swirling motion cannot be made out from the simple exterior and interior design of the tub. There is a circular carved seat inside the timber hot tubs as well as steps for getting in and stainless steel hoops for better handling of the tub. Other modern fixtures in the tub are artfully concealed and it looks like a traditional barrel bath from the outside, which would make a fitting addition to your backyard.

Unlike a built in pool which becomes non functional in the freezing winters, timber hot tubs will allow you and your family members to enjoy the luxurious hot bath during the chilly winter days. When the weather is not freezing but there is a nip in the air, you can take a dip in this hot tub and warm up your joints and de stress in the most wonderful way.

The glamour of handmade timber hot tubs cannot replace modern tubs and their steel fixtures. The look and feel of the tub will add a woody, warm feeling to your home backyard. The unit being portable, it can be moved from one place to another. Unlike a pool, it does not need elaborate fixtures or arrangements to be made for water or current supplies. It can be fixed anywhere as per one’s convenience and can be moved to another place again. And what is more, it will remain functional throughout the year. During the warm summer days you can use it like your own backyard pool and enjoy sitting in cool waters with your loved ones or your friends.

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