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white interior
The white home interior has more pluses than specks that might occur. The white design is clean as a wedding dress and a luxury yacht. It is always modern although it’s widely used from the beginning of 1920 and nowadays it is more fashionable than ever. The white walls, furniture and accessories bring in your home what you need most – festivity.

Why to choose white interior?

The answer is simple. It’s because the white color has great qualities like neutrality, ability to expand the space and increases the visibility of the bright accents in your home.

Pros and cons of white interior

The white color is full of symbolism – purity and innocence, luxury and wealth, peace, goodwill and generosity. It is an ideal base for all colors and shades, and depending on the theme it may look cool or warm. The main drawback of the white is that even the smallest speck can be seen from a distance.
But as you see, the pros are more than the cons because the white color:

1. Is suitable for any interior style – from classic to hi-tech.

2. Increases the available space and it is perfect for small apartments and houses.

3. Reflects the sun and brings more light into the rooms.

4. is always modern.

5. can be combined with all kind of materials and textures


The white color has hundreds of shades, so you should select the most appropriate for your home. You should be careful with the lighting if you don’t want to create interior which resemble hospital.

Soft shades – ivory and cream can be greatly combined with neutral colors and surfaces. Ivory is perfect color for combination with flax, leather, faded wood and stone. The cream color is used in retro combinations with dark wood and stone. The cool shade – the snow white color is very sharp and can create a sense of sterility. If you want to create a cool white and elegant interior, then use a combination of white and silver.

Black and white combination is more suitable for art galleries and offices. But if you want to create amazing interior in “Alice in Wonderland” style, then you can use more fabric – carpets, curtains, carpets, and live plants to create livelier atmosphere.

You should rely on bright accents if you want to create fresh and dynamic white interior. Use more pictures, posters, decorative pillows in bright red, sunny yellow and deep green to contrast with the white background and to draw the attention. It is the best way that you can use if you want more ethnic interior.

The white color creates a unique effect of airiness and lightness, elevates the mood and happiness. Find your own version of the white interior and your home will be unique for sure.

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