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buy-house-4>In general, the parties agree on the choice of the notary of the vendor. The undersigned is both the editor of the preliminary contract and the editor of the bona fide sale. But the choice of the notary is completely free. The seller and the buyer can also ask their respective notary to assist in the sale. The two notaries will have to share fees from the sale.

Signature Sales

There are a period between three and four months between the signing of the promise and the sale. It is a time that depends on the implementation of the various closing conditions and

receipt by the notary of various information and documents required for the preparation of the deed of sale. The notary will verify the identity and capacity of the parties, ownership and housing characteristics sold.
Necessary documents to submit:

Copy of marriage contracts
Extracts of birth certificates and marriage of the buyer and seller
Title to the property for sale
Plans and cad-astral references of the property sold
Planning certificate
Mortgage Status of the property
Certificate of insurance compensation work
Decennial liability insurance certificate manufacturers (if construction is under 10 years)
Condominium rules
Subdivision regulation and specification
Status of the association free association of the subdivision
Last call for condominium fees or subdivision
Minutes of the last general meeting of the condominium or subdivision
Questionnaire and certificate of joint property (under 3 months)
Loan amortization schedule of the seller
Loan files of the purchaser
Latest reviews of tax residence tax and property tax
Waiver of acquisition by persons having a right of priority
Insurance Housing

For sale for an apartment, the buyer should take out full insurance guarantees covered by the insurance of the condominium .

If instead a home for sale, the seller’s insurance will automatically be transferred to the recipient. However, the seller may also choose to keep their insurance for transfer to another property. This should be specified in the contract of sale. The buyer must then ensure another branch of his choice.

Who pays for the work of the condominium ?

The seller must pay all charges due on the date of sale so that all work planned and for which financing has been voted and calling “the day of sale.

The buyer and seller may also include in the bill of sale for a different apportionment. In general, expenses for the current quarter are distributed in proportion to the time and keep the seller to bear the cost of work. The agreement between the seller and the buyer is not binding upon the condominium. The trustee will ask the purchaser to pay for the work.

You should know that housing is sold with all necessary hardware accessories making body with the building and can not be removed without damage (windows, boiler, doors etc ….)

Change of mind of the seller or the buyer

If the seller does not show up at the notary on the scheduled date or simply refuses to sign the sale without cause, the purchaser shall call upon the seller to regulate the sale within 10 days (by registered or act ‘ Usher ). In case this sum does not satisfy the notary will issue a notice of default. This will allow the buyer to turn to the High Court. In order to convict the seller to sign the deed or the judge finds that sale.

The buyer also has the opportunity to seek damages in these cases. If instead the buyer fails to appear at the notary or refuses to sign the sale without cause, he better not bring a lawsuit. The seller can still cancel the sale and to seek damages.

When money is paid to the vendor it?

The notary will issue sales and verify that there is no mortgage registration or preferred on the property sold. The amount of the sale may be paid to the seller. However, if the lawyer finds an entry check post, the lawyer must pay the price in whole or in part to the registered creditors.

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