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The Gateway in Feng Shui
The front door is where the Chi energy enters and leaves the house. Each time you enter your house chi moves inland, the same as it exits. This means that the energy flow will be affected as more people cross the front door. The front door must take into account its orientation and characteristics. Guidance gateway: SE – It promotes dialogue and development in harmony or balance. S – South orientation over stimulated and can lead to discussions.

SO – Influence with its stillness, peace and without disturbance. E – especially favorable for younger students. O – is associated with pleasure and enjoyment, romance and money as well as with the boredom and neglect. NE – Northeast energies can affect your health. N- The tendency to rest, rest and rest of the north are not good directions to locate the gateway to your home. NO – Tips to a good disposition, order, settlement, and feel comfortable with your choices. Characteristics of the main gate: The main door of your house should be of good size to facilitate the entry of energy. It is also important to be firm, if possible solid and strong. Light in color and if not, you can add a light. Must be opened to touch the walls, out of things to prevent wide open. If you live in a home is the place to hang a caller of angels or wind chimes.
Important: Never cover your furniture before or impeded. Must be free preventing entering has to be dodging objects to reach the classroom. If you live in an apartment: The main entrance is the building from the street. Usually the doors of the buildings are made of glass, allowing light to enter. Then the entrance to his apartment, which must be large, light-colored solid. Put a mat or plush carpet before entering. Stairs: The stairs next to the entrance door is one of the most difficult problems to solve for the Feng Shui energy that bounces coming out outside our house. It symbolizes that escape us without control opportunities, good luck and money, and all costs to retain. One solution is the mirror in the hallway, this leads to the entrance of chi and reflected back inside the house.
The back door: The back door should never be aligned, not visible from the entrance, because the energy to go directly would not pass through the rest of the house. One solution is to put a shelf or a curtain to avoid seeing the bottom. Lobby: The lobby should be spacious, well lit and convey joy. It’s where will welcome their friends. Solution for dark doorways, is to place a soft light and warm, hang paintings with figures that convey scale and colored painting.

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