Dec 102012

The corridor
The corridor creates the first impression of any home and the owners and prepare the guests for the upcoming home interior. What furniture, colors and accessories to use in the corridor? Check the answer of these questions below and you will make your home better place for living and having fun.

The decoration of the corridor is more or less a problem of every housewife. The long empty space without windows always creates dark, gray and depressing feeling. Let’s see how to transform the corridor into something attractive, fun and hospitable. The easy tips which you can follow will definitely help you, or at least give you some ideas, to use your imagination and skills to improve this transit place and to keep the positive energy flow passing without any obstacles.

The floor in the corridor is nice to be made of parquet or terracotta, so it can be easy cleaned and maintained. The huge variety of colors and textures which you can enjoy is real guarantee that you will find the most suitable flooring for your corridor according to the rest of your home interior.

The color in the corridor is recommended to be fresh, bright and warm. It will create a feeling of more space and comfort. Try to avoid any clamorous and bright colors because they will absorb a lot of your energy and attention. You can put a nice big mirror on one of the walls because it creates optical illusion for more space and it is quite practical to check you look before leaving your home. You can also hang on the walls some pictures, tapestries, paintings and family photos. They will add really unique look of your corridor.

The lighting in the corridor is good to be scattered light. You can create it by using wall lamps directed toward the ceiling. It is a good solution to place directional lighting above the mirror in the corridor.

Most usually the furniture in the hall is as follows: wardrobe for clothes, shoes cabinet, mirror, hangers and shelves. Wardrobes with sliding doors are ideal solution for small and narrow corridors. If you have an empty corner which is somehow dark and unattractive, then you can always put a nice vase with fresh and colorful flowers.

Use the simple tips and ideas above to make your corridor another great space in your home. It is really unpleasant to walk through dark and ugly corridors, so do your best to change that as soon as you can. You don’t need a lot of money to make it reality, so don’t waste time and write down your ideas.

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