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Limitations of EPDMSearching for a roofing material is not that easy, especially if you do not have any idea about it. However, if you really desire to know a material that is worth spending for, then try to choose a synthetic rubber type of material. EPDM actually is considered one of the best materials. The “EPDM” basically stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. The ethylene here covers approximately 45 to 75 percent of the material. In point of fact, many experts say that if the ethylene content is high,

it is expected that the loading possibilities of polymer will also be high. On the other hand, diene here comprises 2.5 up to 12 percent which functions as a co agent that provides a resistive action towards unsolicited performance or flow upon using the material.

Various Functions of EPDM

Aside from its chemical component, this synthetic rubber type has many use and functions.

It is actually being used in the garden, seals, washers, vibrators, electrical insulation and etc. In fact, EPDM is even used as a medium for water resistant in roofing membranes, electrical cable-jointing and many other essential applications. Many say that this type of roofing material demonstrates high compatibility with hot and cold water, ketones, fireproof hydraulic fluids, and the like. Since EPDM has a high satisfactory compatibility with these components, then, it has also an unsatisfactory compatibility with kerosene, oils, and gasolines.

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Rubbers

In selecting a type of material, it is very important to know its advantages and limitations aside from its components and characteristic. To give you a brief idea about it, here are some of the synthetic rubber type of materials’ advantages and limitations. This type of rubber material is highly recommended by many for outdoor applications since they believe that this is the ideal material to use. They were able to say that because this type of synthetic rubber has an excellent resistance towards severe weather conditions and etc.

It is for the reason that it has a high compatibility with hot and cold water as stated above as well as hydraulic fluids.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Choosing

Aside from it, EPDM also has another outstanding characteristic, and that is the color stability of its design, dielectric qualities and ability to resist heat. However, if a certain material has many advantages, we need also to know that each or every material being used nowadays is not fully perfect. They too have limitations. Well, this rubber does not have the same level with the natural and polyisoprene rubber because this synthetic rubber is slightly lower than them in tensile and resilience. It is highly not recommended for others to use since it involves a petroleum derivative. Furthermore, because of its tendency to be conducted when a carbon black is being mixed, it is not recommended to act as an electrical insulator. It is easily attacked by solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons and mineral oils. However, in spite of its limitations, this type of material is still highly used nowadays because of its cheaper price and that the advantages it offers outweighs all the negatives.

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