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buy-house-8How to find suitable objects
The district courts give dates for upcoming foreclosures known. The published dates of all district courts, see Argetra auction calendar .

This information includes the court file

For every object is present in court an advisory opinion. This results in the official market value. It also contains information on income, structural damage and imperfections. The attached extract from the Land Registry provides clarity on possible charges such as permanent residence rights or rights of way of third parties. For inquiries to the district court be sure to document number of the object to indicate that!

Visit the property personally

justify;”>Printed impression of a property can not replace face to face. You should always visually interesting properties even take with the help of an architect or engineer to explore whether land or building them to fit. The creditor bank is usually willing to make an appointment to visit the city to offer interested parties.
Make sure the financing

Interested parties should inquire at time of bank creditors, with the successful percentage can be expected from what. Payment is 4 to 6 weeks after the auction date. Then at least you have to bank the total funding have been resolved with your. Ten percent of the market value at the auction, however, is already overdue.

Play it safe number

Not infrequently, a date prior to the auction canceled immediately. Call therefore the district court in advance and ask if the appointment actually takes place. For payments from the debtor or internal reasons, a court date will be suspended temporarily or permanently revoked.

Practice this at an auction

Collect 1 to 2 “test events” experience before you even submit bids. Feel the atmosphere and study the strategies of the successful bidder.

When bidding tactics

If possible, provide totals in crooked and uneven Bietschritten, you hide from other bidders and representatives of banks and irritate your bid limit you as your Bietkonkurrenz. The judicial officer shall accept any bid. If you offer through your unorthodox behavior of bidders from the field to beat when you have achieved your goal.

After the award following a distribution date

Even if you in the deadline highest bidder remained, you are only after consent of the creditor owners. The award can be confirmed immediately by the bank representatives, but first be exposed to. The decisive factor is usually whether the auction result meets the requirements of the creditor.

This exceptional right of termination, the new owner

The buyer has the right to apply the surcharge to the former owners to use the property immediately terminate. The bailiffs should termination be served by one, because it is always effective then. If the property to a tenant used by, so the terms of tenancy. Then the owner needs to own a special right of termination.

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