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home-theater-4The most important part of a home theatre is the receiver. In fact, it is the heart of the system as it represents the main component of your entire audio-video package. A home theatre receiver transmits the audio signal from the DVD player to the speakers and sometimes it processes the video signal before this one is transmitted to the TV set. A receiver can also be viewed as the buffer between your audio video components and the speakers and produces and enhances your home theatre at the same time.

To choose the one capable of bringing all the sounds and images together you need to browse a generous market offer that presents you with the latest models and technologies. So, in order to make the best deal that will suit both your needs and money you have to get used to the basics of choosing the best home theater receiver. The one that is the best for you.

First, you make up your mind whether you prefer a wireless or a wired set up for your unit. A receiver that is wireless will reduce the cable clutter in the room. However, some experts in stereo and high-fidelity sound reproduction state that the digital reproduction is not as good as the one provided by the wired systems. Next, you need to search for receivers which have enough power to fill up the room in which it is placed. Then, check if the home theater receiver is able to process a broad spectrum of frequencies. A bare minimum required to make sure that it reproduces accurately high and low frequencies would be between 50 Hz and 8000 Hz. Another important aspect would be the surround sound format support. The majority of receivers are able to process three basic surround sounds such as: Dolby Digital. Also, you need to check the distortion rating in order to be sure that the audio signal won’t fail at high volumes
Reviews of the best home theatre receivers recommend Denon AVR-1312 Receiver, Harman Kardon HK 3490 120 and Onkyo TX-8255 Stereo Receiver as the best choices for 2012 under the price of 300 dollars. More expensive choices bring into spotlight the Denon AVR-1712 Surround Receiver, Yamaha RX-A1010BL 7.2-Channel Network or Denon AVR-991 7.2-Channel which is a multi-sources/multi-zone A/V home theater receiver.

Should you choose any of these receivers or another one, you want to make sure that it has the proper inputs and plug it into a surge protector electric strip, so any electrical damage is prevented.

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