Nov 212015

buy-house-6A change in family status, career development, a move, and now the question arises purchase. Buy an apartment or a house is a decision that does not take lightly, given the importance of money involved! It is important to a good start for a successful investment.

Define your needs

First, you must define your needs. Whether you’re single, married young (e), parent of a large family or senior, it is clear they will not be the same in terms of size, number of rooms, proximity to shops, schools or nightclubs! Depending on your work, you may need to install a home office, or conversely, to be as close to your workplace. If

you have a car, you’ll need a garage? If you live in a big city, will you walk to go to transit? Take into account all your current needs and try to imagine your future needs. Set your desires
Once your needs and your family well established, you have to define your desires. What do you look exactly like home? Modern or old? Ready to move or renovate? If you like tinkering and decorating, opt for a place to renovate, because whatever the state of what you buy, you can not stop you to put your “paw”! What exposure? Looking absolutely the sun, or are you rather a night owl who adapts well to the dark? For an apartment, what floor up are you ready to climb if there is no elevator? What do you look like street life? Chic, popular, lively, calm?

Set your budget

It may not need today to have a personal contribution therefore to access the property. Access to mortgage credit is easier than before, but it is still important that you know where you stand financially, because you’ll get involved with a bank for a few years! What personal contribution did you? How much can you borrow, and most importantly, what repayment burden can you stand a month? Can you fund what is commonly called the “legal fees”? Once your item purchased, will you still some money available to do some work and accommodation? Once all these points cleared, and those that are specific to you, you can begin to compile a list of what you should and put you on the hunt!

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