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stove hot tubWood-fired hot water baths have enjoyed much popularity ever since its inception centuries ago. It is fabled that the Chinese already knew more about the therapeutic effects of such tubs. When used appropriately, it can cleanse your body, your body as well as your soul. Just take a dip in one of those thousand dollar contraptions known as spas and Jacuzzis.

Then try to do the same on a wooden hot tub. Only then you will be able to experience the profound difference in between the two activities. The wood-fired hot water baths have a stove that helps in heating up the water. In this brief discussion, we will look closely into these wood hot tub stoves.
Before we venture deeper into the discussion, it is to be understood that you cannot simply couple any kind of stove to the hot water tub. The wood hot tub stove must be compatible with pre-fabricated or custom-made hot water tubs. There are several unique aspects for such stoves especially when we try to compare it with the conventional heating stoves that we can use for cooking purposes. The stoves meant for must heat the water present in the tub in a consistent manner. The water needs to be taken from the tub, reheated before it is pumped back into the tub. This process can occur automatically or with the help of a pump. Quite often, the enthusiasts prefer to use the stoves that can thermo-siphon. When the water gets heated, it rises upwards (just like hot air). The stoves that support this process can operate without using any kind of electricity.
Another point that needs to be considered is the nature of the material used for the construction of wood hot tub stove. Many people like to place their hot water tubs outside their homes in a shaded area. The stove and the necessary accessories will perpetually remain exposed to the environmental agents throughout the year. Adequate protection must be present so that the stove does not get damaged. By all probabilities, the stove should have some form of thermal insulation to protect the person who is operating it. Likewise, a provision must be present to take out the smoke a bit away from the hot water tub. It can be a bit displeasing to sit nearby to the heat and soot emancipating from the stove’s chimney when you are trying to soothe the body with hot water treatment.
The heat exchange mechanism deployed within the wood hot tub stove must be top-notch. Better exchange of heat in between the wood stove and the water will ensure quick heating up of the water. The stove needs to operate seamlessly on minimal amounts of fuel. And perhaps this explains why you need to focus on some of the quality stoves that are available in the open market. It is important to note that various companies that deal with the installation and maintenance of these types of stoves have diverse kinds of water heating technology. In fact, these establishments are known to take pride on their research work that led to the development of the best stoves that can be used with most hot water tubs. Installation of the stove used with the hot water tub must be done by someone who is well-versed with such processes.

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