Jan 102016

Only a few numbers of people are knowledgeable about a tree guard. Streets that have trees most probably have tree guards. Wherever trees are placed, tree guards provide a lot of benefits.
Having a tree guard can make your tree look beautiful and stylish. It tends to give a pleasant look in your tree and you place will look very inviting to other people especially when it is near you entrance gate. It can also be ordered easily and installation can be done by you. Continue reading »

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Jan 102016

garage door

Installation of Wood Garage Door

My husband was able to cut a deal with a supplier of wood garage door. The not only gave him a good price. They also offered to install it. He does not want to deal with a lot of people to take care of his transaction so he figured it will be better to just pay extra for the installation. My husband really knows how to deal with these stuff. It’s one of the things that I love about him. He knows what he wants and he has a way of making it happen. He can be very organized too. Continue reading »

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Jan 102016


Do It Yourself Weekend Projects

My family and I like to work on do it yourself weekend projects. Last weekend, we painted our wood garage door white. My wife got the idea from an online magazine which we have been subscribing to for home improvement. The project turned out okay. I have some experience with painting jobs so we did everything accordingly. I did the sanding and the prime coat while the kids and their mom followed it up. As much as possible, I like getting my kids to help us with our projects. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

garden With the continuous modernization of all the cities in the world, people tend to cut all the trees in the area so that they can maximize the space available for them. We must always put into our minds that an urban tree is also part of the city and little do we know that there are tons of benefits that you can get in planting a tree in your own backyard or near the street. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

treeIf you have a pet or a small child that is always roaming around in your garden and you growing a tree, you can use a tree guard to protect you precious tree from damage. You can use these tree guards to vulnerable plants like small crops or a young baby tree until they will be strong enough to protect themselves. If you want to use tree guards for your tree, here are some types that might be suitable for your need. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

0892People nowadays are resorting to landscaping as a means of relieving stress and as a source of livelihood. These endeavour maybe an easy task or a back breaking activity depending on the type of landscape one shall undertake. The introduction of root barrier to landscaping is a great innovation. It prevents the cracks that ultimately causes damage to nearby buildings, walls or pavements. It is a material that is employed to control and directs roots from either shrubs or trees to grow downward instead of outwards. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

TreeMost common problems in putting trees in an urban environment are that it is prone to damage and may not live any longer. Citygreen has created a solution to this problem. The solution is called tree guard. This tree guards are specifically designed to protect the trees in an urbanized area while giving it favorable living conditions. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

Landscaping ServicesThe City Green is an online website that offers landscape solutions. They specialize on problems faced in urban areas. We all know that cities should look beautiful and modernize because it should have a good view since many people will tour around the city. A city should have a good impression to other people to attract visitors thereby increasing the state of their tourism. It is not just about the healthy environment but also there should be a pleasing view to the eyes of the people. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

 Root BarrierHave you ever heard of the company called City green? They have constructed solutions for urban landscaping so that trees on the urban area, such as on the streets of a city, can grow healthy and strong. One of the solutions they have is the use of root barriers. A root barrier is a device that guides the roots of the trees to the ground and into pavements where they can get enough water. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

City GreenCity Green provides urban landscaping services. They have a vision and mission to promote a clean and green environment. That is why one of their services is landscaping and they focus on urban areas because they are concerned about the trees that grow there and the people in that area. It is a given fact that those trees growing in the cities are weak and fragile. Continue reading »

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