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buy-house-3Why are there disorder?, To establish an order is essential that everything has its place for indoors. The order is maintained when we acquired the routine of putting everything in place after use. The patterns of order: 1) The benefits of an orderly home: The order in foreign aid in order to organize our thoughts and our minds. Have not you noticed that when you need to put order in his life, the first thing to do is fix up the closet. Hence the order is directly related to mental order.

But neither the ends are good, an order can be exhausting excessive and disproportionate disorder can be chaotic, we must seek a balance where

a little disorder can be very positive. 2) The order diary If we can maintain order daily, as a routine, never reached the chaos of having to start from scratch. For that you need to set a place for everything, saving and maximizing the storage space using ingenuity. The things in common use should be at the fingertips; while the others are not used daily can have a hiding place. 3rd) The whole family must order: To maintaining order in the house should involve all family members, it is important for planning and division of industries and tasks set for each family member. These will be according to age and the possibilities of fulfilling the task assigned. 4) The clutter and unused: When it is decided to impose order, will tackle that have no role, just taking up space. Those who are saved are not commonly well known that, not so. You have to give away or throw away what is not used, only contribute to the disorder and will always be someone who really needs it. 5) The Joy of Order: The advantage of having everything in place, we value when searching for something and at first the situation without difficulty. See that when you open your underwear drawer or search for a nail to hang a picture, opening the cupboard to get peas, be surprised at the practical and pleasant it is to have everything in order. 6th) The order of the tools: The most important tools is its state of preservation and is the least factor is taken into account when used. To avoid oxidation enough chalk to place a few pieces inside the box or a container with dry sand. In the case of holes, having the time saved in each of its parts will help us much at the time of having to use it. A box for it is ideal to have them all together, facilitate their transfer and safekeeping of children. Sleeves for sharp tools should not be lost in oblivion. One trick is to keep the nails, screws, etc. in glass jars labeled with your name to later identify them. To order cables or ropes must be rolling them on a piece of cardboard. 7) Ordering the kit and medications: All medications must be together in a box or in a covered container to keep moisture caught. Usually placed in the bathroom, for that should be in a dry and tightly closed. Check the expiry of the drug once every 12 months is essential for your health and that of their families. On the other hand is necessary to take home a first aid kit , completely separate from the drugs, it will be used only in case of emergency. It has to make use immediately. The basic elements for a first aid kit are bandages, sting antihistamine cream, gauze, tweezers, scissors, antiseptic to prevent infection, iodine, alcohol, bandages, tape, cotton, thermometer, etc. and list of all emergency phones.

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