Apr 042015

mexican home decor
If you think that the colorful style that describes the Mexican home decor of today has been there for ever, you are wrong. In the 16th century you could have seen a more simplistic style where colors were almost missing. Later in the 19th century, due to Spanish influence,

Mexican home decor has seen a more elaborate structure of the dwelling interior and exterior with the presence of colors bursting all over.

Nowadays, the modern Mexican home decor can be seen with vibrant colors of earthly shades, from green, brown to orange and red. Decorative pieces are not that many any more, keeping them at a more minimalist style, but all them inspired however from the Mexican folk tradition. Also you will find more clean lines introduced in a much simpler manner. As to the materials used for pieces that are added to home decor they usually originate from Mexican homeland.

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