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0892People nowadays are resorting to landscaping as a means of relieving stress and as a source of livelihood. These endeavour maybe an easy task or a back breaking activity depending on the type of landscape one shall undertake. The introduction of root barrier to landscaping is a great innovation. It prevents the cracks that ultimately causes damage to nearby buildings, walls or pavements. It is a material that is employed to control and directs roots from either shrubs or trees to grow downward instead of outwards.

These products are currently in use for residential and non residential landscapes and remove the necessity of repair of damage in the building caused by the growth of these root trees. It prevents the buckling of sidewalks and driveways. It is exclusively manufactured in the United States and comes in various sizes, shapes and type. It is also known that a tree does not grow upward but rather outwards and downwards. Aside from the root barriers, we have the root deflector which discourages the growth of roots outwards. An approximate 18″ depth from the surface is the distance required before the roots are allowed to grow outwards. Corrugated metal strips have been known to be use as root deflectors. The corrugations allows the roots to grow vertically thus directing them downwards.

These non biodegradable sheets are porous. Non woven or woven and contains herbicide like 2, 6-dinitroaniline. The herbicide is incorporated into the textile and functions as a repellent for the growth of roots and the perforations allows the entry of water. In initiating landscaping, one has to consider the methods, type of materials one shall engage to. Choosing the type and appropriate plant is of prime importance in landscaping. There are several kinds of landscaping and the least expensive and practical is the desert landscaping. It is a low maintenance, low cost project and you get to choose plants that are perennial, that is you only plant them once. The plants are colorful and hardly time consuming. They are not a rare find but for it to grow abundantly it needs to be planted in its natural environment.

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