Dec 202015

The Uses of a Tree Guard for Urban PlantsA structural soil would suffice. It’s a mixture of both gravel and horticultural soil. Gravel is there for a strong and adaptable foundation while horticultural soil for best nourishment of the plant. You’ll also need to consider on how you are going housing the base of the plant. The base’s housing should be able to provide proper aeration to allow the roots to breath and penetrate deeply. It should also have a good irrigation system to maintain water supply to the plants.

You wouldn’t want to dehydrate your tree right? Since your putting trees in urban areas, it would be really prone to damages because the level of activities in urban areas are high and usually trees just gets in the way of the people. In order to protect the trees, Citygreen has created a solution that secures the tree from external risks without sacrificing its air and light supply. This solution is called vertical tree guards. These vertical tree guards are vertical metal casting designed to product t a tree but still provide proper ventilation to it. There are many kinds of vertical tree guards available. In selecting tree guards, it usually depends on where you live, if there so much activity in the area then, the heavy duty tree guards is what you need. If there is only less activity then you can use only those lightweight tree guards. Citygreen solutions aim to popularize urban remodeling. Remodeling urban areas into a green and healthy place to live is a good vision to hold on until it is achieved.

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