Jan 012016

Landscape Solutions by the Landscaping Architects You might be curious about the techniques used by those landscaping architects to grown trees on streets. If you want to know, then join me in discovering their landscape solutions and secrets for trees to grow healthy on the streets. The Darley road on Bradford was revitalized last year. The city council had planned to renovate the streets and after the renovation they wanted to plant trees on the sides for the people and for the environment.

They contacted the Greenleaf and the City Green for the landscaping of the trees. After weeks of communicating and brainstorming, the three groups has come up with an idea. The city council wants to make sure that the trees grown on those streets will last for over 30 years and more and they want those trees to grow healthy so the City Green took charge of the project and they had come to a settlement of putting a small irrigation system on each tree. These irrigation systems are connected to one another. They used the Rootrain irrigation system which has pipes underground connected to the tree roots. These pipes are from the road so when it rains, the water will go directly through those pipes and to the roots of the tree. The tree grilles were used as the opening for the rain water to come in. They used StrataCell which is put underground to insure the root direction of the trees is right and in place. This is also to avoid damage on the streets.

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