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TreeMost common problems in putting trees in an urban environment are that it is prone to damage and may not live any longer. Citygreen has created a solution to this problem. The solution is called tree guard. This tree guards are specifically designed to protect the trees in an urbanized area while giving it favorable living conditions.

There are several of tree guards available. First are the standard tree grilles. Most of these standard grilles are made of cast iron. The design for this grills are affected by some factors such as access requirements, aesthetics and existing parameters. There are also a grille that has below ground irrigation, aeration and guying systems. These are called integrated grilles. The integrated grilles have a couple of designs you can choose from. If you’re looking for openness, strength, flexibility then choose the Boulevard design. And if you’re looking for some specifications, robust institutions, easy to personalize then choose the Castle Design. If you’re not contented with both then you can make a custom design of your choice. You can also choose the Duraplate II Tree grille. This grille is a high class grille designed to be more durable yet easy to handle. You can say the Duraplate II is when function meets decoration; it’s a heavy mixture of both.

Duraplate II has a large range of metal castings you can choose. The grilles are also designed to be incorporated with other components such as irrigation, aeration, and structural soil cells. To compliment the function of your grille, there are grille frames to stabilize your grilles. The frames have an adjustable mounting system to carry heavy tree guards while remaining in tact. With the foundations all set, you can now select vertical tree guards. In highly urbanized areas, trees are highly vulnerable to damages. These vertical tree guards are fit for the job. You can choose from highly decorative up to those heavy duty tree guards. It is important to promote a green living today. Putting trees in urban areas does not only increase the aesthetic appeal but also increases favorable living conditions. A green city means a safe place to live.

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