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Root BarrierPlanting trees in urban areas is a good thing. You’ll have a greener atmosphere, good air and natural aesthetic. The only problem with planting trees is that its roots grow really big and sometime destroys infrastructures or roads. Citygreen came up with a solution to this problem known as root barrier. Roots play a vital role in a trees life. Not only it provides moisture to the tree, it also provides foundation so that the tree won’t easily fall.

Root barriers don’t necessarily block the roots but instead, it guides them away from the infrastructure. Most root barriers are made of industrial polymers which come in various designs and sizes. Most people select the form of barrier depending on the size and type of tree they are putting. What most people do is that they put the barriers first before putting the trees. This strategy gives them enough margins to see if the tree is just suitable for the barrier and adjustment can be made before final installation. The barrier itself is flexible enough to curve around obstacles but strong enough to withstand external and internal forces. It also provides protection to the tree when pavement is reinstated.

There are also specially designed barriers to ensure future protections of the roots. As the tree matures the root also grows into a significant size. If the barrier can’t handle it then either the tree dies because the roots are damaged or the area where the tree is installed will be destroyed. It is crucial to select the model of barrier to avoid future damages which may cause long and annoying repairs. Root barriers are both beneficial to the trees and to the humans. It benefits the tree because it protects it from external disturbances, gives it favorable living condition and directs its roots on the right position. The way it benefits people is that, it secures destruction from the roots, organizes the tree, and it makes the tree live which is important to people in urbanized areas. Having a tree near you will provide you a healthy environment, it gives you natural aesthetics and it offers a lot of benefits than you can imagine. Having a tree around is truly a great blessing. A tree can give so much and what it only needs in return is protection. So with these barriers, you can plant a tree on an avenue near you.

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