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Maintain Timber Hot Tubs The concept of wooden hot tubs is being used from the ancient time. American converted the wooden wine vats into the hot tubs and felt the warm bathing. Nowadays, acrylic spas have come in order to replace these timber hot tubs. But, these timber tubs have not lost its significance. These tubs will provide more benefits to the use when compared to the artificial tubs.

You can easily set this tub in any area and can be taken through any type of narrow or wide door way. This deeper tub has high vertical walls and bather will have the greater effect of buoyancy and massaging. Bather will be surrounded by more water. Even a very tall bather can conveniently stretch the legs, as the tub offers more space. Your bathroom may appear traditionally with these wooden tubs.

Chances are there for the decomposition of wood, if exposed to water all the time. You need to check whether the wooden material used in making the tub is resistant to decay. Woods such as teak, cypress, cedar and jarrah provide resistance against water and it is believed that they are even more resistance to warm water.
Like plastic bath spas, these timber hot tubs will not create any cracks, blisters or chips. If you want to clean this wooden tub, you need to drain the water first, rinse it and scrub it with the help of a soft brush. If you do not varnish the tub, the natural wood exposing in the outer part may possibly turn grey in colour. Fetch the help of an expert and try to give a finish to the wooden tub.
Some people think that the wooden tubs may be the host to bacteria and dangerous to the human health. But, this case is trying in both plastic and wooden tubs if sanitised in wrong way. So, proper maintenance and sanitation is must for both kinds.
Timber hot tubs may not leak initially after being set up. The reason is that the wood will first try to expand at the maximum level. After sometime tub may start to leak, this is because of the assembling or manufacturing defect. Overuse of water sanitizers such as bromine or chlorine may be the cause for the leakage. White marks found in the floor or walls of the tub can be an indication for leakage. You can approach the professionals to prevent these leakage problems.

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