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How to equip its bathrooms We have a large bathroom and good location at home, but if we do not know how to equip it properly, you may not get to have the relaxing atmosphere we want. We must bear in mind that this room of the house is not only an environment which will enter to perform activities of our health, but in many cases become a place where we seek privacy from the outside world completely. That’s why the proper equipment of the same will allow us to enjoy a greater range of their environment, as well as enjoy its services with the comfort and convenience of the case. For example, it is appropriate that all accessories such as sink , toilet and tub are made with rounded shapes with no sharp edges or corners that might hinder the normal traffic in the bathroom, and somehow remain free movement in space him. This applies mainly in bathrooms that have limited space or those in which its distribution is rather complex architecture.
Being a room that usually has small windows, the ideal is to find the best light possible, it is recommended the placement of mirrors large to reflect more light and enhance interior. You may also opt for transparent doors or glass partition in the shower or bath for that in this way is it enhances the feeling of more space in the bathroom. Also, the toilets should not be so great but should seek simplicity in form without losing the convenience they offer to use them. In a small bathroom, very often the use of shelving to put the proper objects of our personal hygiene they end up ‘drown’ the room, so a good option is to use curtains with pockets or compartments to put in them all the necessary elements . A good exhaust fan will keep the bathroom away from strong odors and, if required, place an air vent so that it circulates within the room and be constantly renewed. Sound equipment or other electrical appliances should be insured in areas away from water to avoid unfortunate accidents, it is recommended to make appropriate facilities in advance taking account of these measures.

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