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How to Buy My First HouseOne of the most important decisions when planning for your future, is where will I live? It is a decision that involves economic issues, budget and ability to save. If you decide to buy a home must take into account: The Zone – Find an area where to see your future. The way to do this is to ask here I want my children live and grow? It is also convenient to analyze the time of transfer to schools, jobs, supermarkets, major roadways, etc. Area – Talk to think carefully how much family and on this basis provided that there is sufficient space for this. If your decision is yet to have a family, can start with a smaller building and then buy a bigger one. Is it new or used? – The new buildings have the advantage that we should not spend a lot of input on repairs and renovations, but if you do not have the budget that might buy for them a year old building with some of use that enables them to gradually irlos fixing according to your tastes and needs.

The construction and decoration – Remember that it will be your home. Is it really the kind of finish that has the house where they meet? Your Security – Unfortunately, every day this becomes more important for the wave of insecurity that living in our country, so it is vitally important to monitor how safe is your new home if you have surveillance at the entrance. Services – obviously observe the services offered by the district where you will find your new home, utilities, access roads, security, cable, phones, and the stratum to which it belongs When Cash or Financing – Finally, the most important thing to buy with cash or financing. Discuss your budget and if the option is purchased with financing, we recommend careful analysis of the plans offered banks before making a decision.

Some financial reasons to buy your first home ownership In addition to the simple concept of home ownership, there are some financial reasons for buying a home, especially if you currently pay rent of an apartment. Some of these reasons include: Reduction in income taxes. With a mortgage, you can deduct the interest you’re paying, and property taxes, income tax. Although the mortgage is more than what you pay for rent, and overall potential savings on taxes can make duty is cheaper than renting. Buying for profit. Although there are no guarantees that your home will increase in value, it is true that real estate can be a good investment long term. Depending on the time of possession and current market conditions, you can profit by selling the house. Capital accumulation. As you pay a mortgage, build equity or value in the house. You can use that value to secure a credit line or a second mortgage loan to pay for a wide range of things, from the university until a new car.

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