Nov 062015

home-theater-1Let yourself be taken away by the sound of your favourite music or movie and get absorbed by the atmosphere of your own theatre at home with VIZIO-VHT215-Theater-Wireless-Subwoofer/dp/B005P99KX4. It may look like a cute little thing, but you would not believe the power in this thing. It delivers extraordinary sound quality and an exceptional video overall. This device takes the sound bar idea to its next level.

The performance is delivered in an elegant slick and slim style that will bet complement your TV set, 40 inches or larger.

This compact device is packed with the latest, advanced audio technologies such as: SRS TruVolume, SRS Studio Sound HD, and, of course, Dolby Digital. VIZIO-VHT215-Theater-Wireless-Subwoofer uses a complete band of inputs like HDMI, for instance, which best suits HD audio and video with only one cable to the whole home theater. It supports one HDMI out and two HDMI in so you may route the DVD player or the BluRay on the TV through the sound bar. Because of the HDMI connections the device can render more audio formats than the optical The speaker can be placed anywhere in the house, thanks to the wireless subwoofer and the wall-mount option or table-stand one proves the versatility of this system which may become a worthwhile addition to any home. You can place the system high up on a shelf or hang it on the wall without spoiling your home decor as its design suits almost all environments.

VIZIO-VHT215-Theater is the best choice if you are looking for an affordable and easy way to improve the sound of the TV. You can use an optical input and the sound travels from the TV straight to the sound bar. The audio is distinct and with no distortion and the sounds are so enhanced, deep and reach that you are left in awe. Despite all advantages presented above, the plus feature of this sound bar is the wireless subwoofer.

The remote shows off a clever design and it is small and easy to use, although some may be put off by the pad that can be difficult to slide out. Setting up the device is as easy as pie and after reading the instructions your VIZIO-VHT215 is up and running in a few minutes.

The price is within a reasonable price range so it can fit almost all wallets and it is rigorously packed for shipping and delivery.

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