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wooden hot tubA wood burning hot tub is basically a wooden bathtub connected to custom made wood burning stoves, which conduct the heat to the tubs while it heats the water. Compared to today’s modern spas the water is heated in a superior way.

The origins of wood burning hot tubs go back to the early 18th century. In ancient Japan it was a common belief that the bathing in wood carvings with heated water provides excellent medical value. This ancient practice was rediscovered several years later with various advanced features included. Today, it is widely accepted fact that a bath in wood burning hot tub cleans not only the body, but the soul as well.

The hot tubs available today are specially made of such wood as oak, cedar, teak and redwood. One of the main criteria that apply to the wood used to craft the tub refers to its high rot resistant ability. Additionally, the selected wood should have attractive natural color in order to create a beautiful visual effect and to please the eye. There are also various types of wood that produce an appealing aroma during the water heating process, enhancing thus the relaxation.

Today, most wood tubs feature such extra accessories as pumps, filters, jets, gas and electric heaters. Thus, the wood burning hot tub, which is already comfortable enough, will feature extra luxury. Still, in terms of heating, no complex mechanism is needed, as with the use of a heater, the water is heated from upwards leading to a truly revitalizing feel.

Although a wood burning hot tub offers increased comfort and renewal of body and soul, they have more affordable prices as compared to various synthetic and tile tubs. Furthermore, you can have your own perfectly working tub, with the right amount of wood (preferably cedar), a suitable heating mechanism along with a skilled wood tub specialist. For the heating of wood tubs the use of some fuel is required, fuel that can be propane, oil, coal or wood. Thus, a wood tub does not necessary ask for an electric connection.

The wood burning hot tub offers an excellent therapy for the entire body with numerous health benefits. It reduces the stress, while the hot water stimulates the growth and circulation of white blood cells significantly improving your natural immune system. Furthermore, it can be considered the perfect bathtub, as no chemical processes are being used during the heating process (the walls of the tub are heated by the hot water).

When such a hot tub is set in an outdoor environment, they perfectly blend in with nature leading to pleasant and peaceful scenery. They provide an excellent place to relax outdoors, pleasing the eye and fitting in also in places where it is impossible to use synthetic spas.

The maintenance of a wood burning hot tub is not difficult at all, especially if you don’t have to worry about rust. You need to make only one substantial investment, which regards the costs of installation. The costs of heating and fuel are negligible.

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