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buy-house-9PURCHASER declares that in case of completion of the sale, it will pay the price of his own pocket or the like without resorting to any loan. In doing so, this promise is not subject to the condition precedent of obtaining a loan of consumption then affixing below by the recipient of the statement referred.


PURCHASER declares that, to fund the overall cost of its potential acquisition, it will be necessary to first obtain a loan or loans in an amount at least equal to … (Letters) Euro (€ …).

Following this statement, this promise is subject to the condition precedent of obtaining the loan or loans will

be solicited by the recipient and whose main features are:
… (Insert amount of personal contribution, the amount of loan sought, the nature of loans, their minimum duration, the maximum interest rate, the frequency of refunds, guarantees and securities earmarked for loans and the name and address of financial institution through which will be solicited loans).

In order to obtain said one or more loans, the buyer agrees to provide, on first demand, financial organizations requested, all papers, documents and information needed for the processing of loan files.

This condition precedent shall be deemed completed upon the submission by the financial institutions or solicited bids from one or more regular correspondent to the characteristics mentioned above, and after the approval of the insurers or, in case of compulsory membership of a contract insurance related to these loans.

This acceptance may not be made until ten days after the receipt of tenders and shall be given by letter, postmarked authentic.

If the total amount of loans offered is lower than that of loans applied for, the purchaser may waive this condition precedent, bringing his hand in the handwritten notice referred.

Any notice shall be made by extra-judicial act, registered letter with notification of receipt or hand-delivered against receipt.

If the purchaser intends to waive, for reasons of pure convenience, this condition precedent, it shall notify the SELLER in the form and time mentioned above. He will have his hand must write the words in the notice referred to in Article L. 312-17 of the Consumer Code.

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