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living feng shuiThe lounge is where family gathers and where he received his guests, with the public place of the house. The objects that show up your social life and financial situation and the environment made reveal themselves. The furniture chosen and how to place them in the space reflect whether a family is informal, formal or modern. Beyond the decorative styles, family and people who visit them to react to the atmosphere, which can produce a serene and welcoming or rejection and discomfort.

This is palpable when the family chooses their daily lives elsewhere in the house to pass the time. The Chi must flow through the room, but can disrupt family relationships. Distribution of furniture according to Feng

Shui: The room should be near the front door and at the same ground level. The Form L should be treated as separate groups of furniture into a square. Their preferred orientation is south to fame and the holiday. Location of sofas and chairs: The location of the sofa, armchairs, tables. will be essential to promote warmth. It is recommended if the size of the room allows, distribute the furniture in the form of the ba-gua (forming a closed figure and no right angles). The movement of Chi within the room is essential, it must move slowly flowing smoothly around furniture grouped. Depart from the gateway through each part of the room and out the door or window. The front door must have a good size to get a good amount of Chi. Avoid placing furniture in front. The Sofa: The most important element of the room, its structure must be constructed of wood and upholstery fabrics such as cotton or fine wool. Its location should be against a wall where you see the whole room. You should always go in the same line for door and window. Never in the middle of the room back to the door. Its location can influence the relationship with their guests causing the warmth, communication and exchange, or the opposite. Tables: The coffee table should not be in the center of the room, but rather tilted sideways. The dining table should be in one piece, large and light-colored, circular or square. Do not place the table between the window and door, and neither the tables with glass. The chairs and sofas have to be upholstered in natural fabrics and materials are most beneficial wicker, wood or bamboo. Windows: The aluminum, plastic or stainless steel are not as beneficial as those of wood. They must be broad to allow entry of light, the curtains should miss the sunshine and the most suitable are the natural fibers of pastel colors. Television: Should be at the worst place in the hall, away from the sofa and armchairs. And when not in use must be unplugged to avoid radiation. Lighting: The vertical lighting, floor lamps with uplighting contribute a relaxed atmosphere. The ceiling light is very strong and sometimes unwelcoming annoying. Fireplaces: Print warmth to the atmosphere, tends to raise the Chi and out; be solved by placing a mirror above the fireplace and so result in the Chi back into the room. Plants neutralize the excess energy caused by the fire.

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