Apr 192015

Feng Shui DiningFor the Chinese the time of taking food is important, because it nourishes the body and nourishes the soul. Must be a ceremonial moment, relaxed and in harmony. There should be objects that distract the moment, like a television on or too much furniture.

All should contribute to both the food share as a good conversation. Distribution of furniture according to Feng Shui: The correct orientation to locate the dining area is east of the kitchen in the health sector and growth. Dining tables: Dining tables must be of one piece solid and strong, clear and uniform color. Avoid glass, marble, or too dark. Round or oval tables are most appropriate because they have no right angles and the guests are seated in harmony by stimulating communication and links. In the square or rectangular tables diners should not occupy the tips, tables are more in line with the work for which stimulate the activity. Lighting in the dining room: Lighting in the dining room should be balanced, light bulb mimics natural light and create warmth. The low lamps are suitable for intimate dinners, but not when you have guests. Candles add the fire element giving warmth and fluidity to the party.

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