Feb 012013

Dried flowers to decorate To all those who love home decorating, we are also interested in DIY or craft. That is why we tend to investigate what are the trends in DIY creations to apply various decorations in our home . There are thousands of really interesting techniques and activities that allow us to apply the new style we are designing. This is how we came to a very simple activity but it offers very good options when decorating a room with flowers. Especially with dried flowers. it sounds odd, understand that these dried roses can decorate many areas such as a table with a vase full of dried roses, or simply decorate a library or the top of a fireplace with roses simply supported or leaning on the surface.
Surely, many businesses saw these dried flowers but do not know what to do to have them in their homes. It is very simple. Should only take them by the stem, cut the tip of transversal way and join the bunch with string. We took all our branch thorns and hung from a nail on the wall there, or put one on this mission. Then hang the bouquet and let it dry. Go slowly drying roses and then we can use them dry for a long time to decorate. Think of leaving them in a place where we know that is not fall during the process due to a gust of wind. I hope they can use this information to implement in their decorations.

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