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home-theater-3Excellent home theatre sound starts with high quality home theater speakers and sound aficionados tend to give in the urge to splurge and never think twice when it comes to buy a good set of speakers. With the generous range of options available it is understandable that to look for the best sound that pleases even the most critical listener and the status conscious individual.

Each individual decides what the best home theater speakers are for him or her. This is true because all home theatre enthusiasts usually buy the finest speakers they can afford and sound good to them. It is a subjective business, as what is the best for one individual, may be an opinion that most likely is not shared by some other music lover. Still, if you do your research and choose carefully, you may find a number of home theater speakers that meet your expectations and that can deliver the goods. Try not to fall for the biggest mistakes a speakers shopper can make.


Do not go to any store and buy speakers in a rush, without careful research or judgements. Take your time, choose a home theater speaker system and listen for hours to your favourite music, also having in mind the environment in which you will place the system. The acoustics is different in every room, and it is an important thing to take into consideration.

Do not let the bass sound of the subwoofer take your socks off and focus on the centre channel and the right-hand and left-hand speakers as they are responsible for rendering most of the high frequency and midrange sounds. The sound should not be boxy, or hollow and unnatural.

Do not fall for the catchy little cube speakers. They may be cute, take up little space and perfectly fit your home decor, but they get rattled when things get rock’ roll serious.

Do not ignore the importance of subwoofer placement, as both the quality and the quantity of the bass sounds are strictly affected by where you set up the device. Try to avoid placing the subwoofer right in the standing wave.


Indulge yourself in listening for free, because you buy the speakers to last maybe a lifetime. Do not allow sales staff to pressure you and take time to evaluate different speaker systems. Bring a load of CDs or a full IPod and give it a shot. To test the speakers to the fullest you can also bring a DVD with a movie, to listen to the dialogue, special effects and action. In this way you can assess the performance o front and central channels and the quality of the surround sound.

Find the most expensive set of speakers in the show room and listen to them. Do not worry about beautiful design or price tag, just about the way it reproduces highs. A good bass response should deep and satisfying. The midrange sounds, which are the most important sounds in the economy of a surround-sound system, should be natural and cadenced, with clear instruments and vocals.

Find the cheapest speakers you can lay your hands on and listen to them, too, evaluating the same components as before. Going to extremes is a good practice since most customers go even for the most expensive item because they consider it to be the best, or for the cheapest. The differences may sometimes be subtle; the idea is to follow your ear and your expectations.

Remember that the speakers should come from the same company you have bought the line from, as they all tend to sound slightly differently.

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