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Do It Yourself Weekend Projects

My family and I like to work on do it yourself weekend projects. Last weekend, we painted our wood garage door white. My wife got the idea from an online magazine which we have been subscribing to for home improvement. The project turned out okay. I have some experience with painting jobs so we did everything accordingly. I did the sanding and the prime coat while the kids and their mom followed it up. As much as possible, I like getting my kids to help us with our projects.

I want them to learn the value of labor and to experience doing things on their own. I also think that it is a good activity to keep them off their gadgets. Most of the kids these days spend their time in front of their computers or hand held games. Getting your children to help out in doing household chores prepares them for their future and makes them more responsible adults.

Do It Yourself Garage Door Installation

I put my husband to a challenge. I told him that we will install our wood garage door on our own. I have seen it in several home improvement shows and I think it can be done. We decided to schedule the job in one of our weekends off. We already read the manufacturer’s instruction manual on how it is going to be installed. We also tried to search online for inputs from those who have done it themselves. This is not the first time that my husband and I embarked on a do it yourself project. Last year, we repainted our kitchen. We also gave the cabinets and the cupboards in the kitchen a new look. The physical labor was exhausting but we didn’t mind at all. We didn’t want to pay for someone to do it since we are capable of doing it ourselves. Besides, working together is good for our relationship.

Make Your Own Wood Garage Door

My husband loves do it yourself projects. He has all types of carpentry tools in the garage. Recently, he’s been planning on making a wood garage door. He saw this design in a home improvement show and he thinks it will be nice to have one similar to it. He’s been complaining about our garage door for months now and with the idea that he got from the show, he decided to go with the project. He already bought some hardwood and some mechanism of sort that is used to move the garage door. He plans to work on it every night after dinner. When he starts a project, he does not stop until it finished. I won’t be surprised if he will again be working until the wee hours in the morning on it. I will not bother call his attention to stop. He gets grumpy when I do that.

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