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treeIf you have a pet or a small child that is always roaming around in your garden and you growing a tree, you can use a tree guard to protect you precious tree from damage. You can use these tree guards to vulnerable plants like small crops or a young baby tree until they will be strong enough to protect themselves. If you want to use tree guards for your tree, here are some types that might be suitable for your need.

One kind is the mesh guards. These mesh guards have a natural curve that can be placed on tree barks easily. The holes of the mesh are big so that water and air can easily pass through the tree. And these prevent mold from accumulating. Another type is a solid plastic tree guard. This type completely covers the base of your tree to protect from those parasite weeds, insects and other animals. This type is good for protecting small trees that are growing in areas where it can be damaged easily. Lastly, there are also decorative guards, as the name says, it provides a good style and design. Aside from providing a good look to the environment it is a very sturdy material used for protection. It is made from different kinds of metal that looks like a fence. You can wrap it closely to the tree or provide allowance to breath.
Buying tree guards is easy if you just search a bit and learn more about this wonderful item. There are a lot of these items sold in the internet. Just look for a good website, preferably a site where they focus on selling tree guards to make sure that you will be guided when you are buying. But if you know how to buy a good one, you can go to other online shops for a cheaper price.

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