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Choosing the Best Material for Roofing
With the onset of rainy season, homeowners gets alarmed when there is an unfinished leaky roof. It can definitely cause lots of damages to your home and even gives you sleepless nights. This is one job that is hard to undertake especially on high roofs.

Knowing More About rubber4roofs

Ever heard of rubber4roofs? This kind of roofing is in the form of slate shingles and rolls, and comes in various colors and design. The primary advantage in this kind of roofing is that, it eliminates the need for costly maintenance and repair one usually do in asphalt shingles. When choosing materials for roofing, one needs to consider its durability, hence the rubber roofing. Unlike asphalt shingles, it needs a lot of maintenance and lasts for approximately fifteen to twenty years only. Rubber roofing also comes in rolls, which is highly recommended for flat buildings.

Rubber4roofing’c Composition

Another advantage to rubber4roofing is the composition of its materials.

This is considered to be Eco-friendly because it is basically made up of recycled tires, slate dust and saw dust. Though the entire rubber-roofing is a little bit expensive than the asphalt shingles, one is assured of its durability with less chance of developing cracks and crumble during torrential rains and extreme changes in weather condition.
Rubber Shingles: Is This a Better option?
However another option is the use of rubber shingles, which are less expensive, lighter and highly fire resistant than the common slate shingles. They do not require high and expensive maintenance. They even last longer than the asphalt shingles. A manufacturer gives a warranty of thirty to fifty years with this product and even a lifetime warranty. The first rubber roofing installed was in Winconsin in 1980. Still strong at the present day, one can marvel on its durability.

Sources of Rubber

So let’s learn about this amazing rubber roof. As we all know rubber tree ficus elastica produces a white sap called latex, which is used in making rubber. They are found in abundance in Southeast Asia and South America and have been the source of Goodyear Tires in making rubbers.

The late Charles Goodyear in 1839 created a process in vulcanizing that resulted in a better lasting, stronger and more elastic rubber we now see today.
Should one encounter a breakdown or cracks on the rubber material, it might have been the result of improper installation. It is not difficult to mend. In case of leaks and cracks, just apply latex tape or sealant. If a large portion is affected replace it with new rubber shingles or rubber roll. To strengthen it, one may apply a liquid rubber to the entire roof system. This is one way of preventing and minimizing cracks and lowers the costs of future maintenance. Now that you know the difference of asphalt from rubber shingles, one should contract an expert to do the works for you. Why labor when you can hire someone to do it for you? By doing such, you have lesser chances of experiencing accidents and body pain. Only your credit card or wallet suffers. Not a bad choice, isn’t it?

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