Apr 192015

The Gateway in Feng Shui
The front door is where the Chi energy enters and leaves the house. Each time you enter your house chi moves inland, the same as it exits. This means that the energy flow will be affected as more people cross the front door. The front door must take into account its orientation and characteristics. Guidance gateway: SE – It promotes dialogue and development in harmony or balance. S – South orientation over stimulated and can lead to discussions. Continue reading »

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Apr 192015

living feng shuiThe lounge is where family gathers and where he received his guests, with the public place of the house. The objects that show up your social life and financial situation and the environment made reveal themselves. The furniture chosen and how to place them in the space reflect whether a family is informal, formal or modern. Beyond the decorative styles, family and people who visit them to react to the atmosphere, which can produce a serene and welcoming or rejection and discomfort. Continue reading »

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Feb 012013

How to equip its bathrooms We have a large bathroom and good location at home, but if we do not know how to equip it properly, you may not get to have the relaxing atmosphere we want. We must bear in mind that this room of the house is not only an environment which will enter to perform activities of our health, but in many cases become a place where we seek privacy from the outside world completely. Continue reading »

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Dec 112012

white interior
The white home interior has more pluses than specks that might occur. The white design is clean as a wedding dress and a luxury yacht. It is always modern although it’s widely used from the beginning of 1920 and nowadays it is more fashionable than ever. The white walls, furniture and accessories bring in your home what you need most – festivity. Continue reading »

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Dec 102012

The corridor
The corridor creates the first impression of any home and the owners and prepare the guests for the upcoming home interior. What furniture, colors and accessories to use in the corridor? Check the answer of these questions below and you will make your home better place for living and having fun.

The decoration of the corridor is more or less a problem of every housewife. The long empty space without windows always creates dark, gray and depressing feeling. Let’s see how to transform the corridor into something attractive, fun and hospitable. Continue reading »

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Dec 072012

Buy  or rent
There are certain principles which you have to follow when you decide to buy a new kitchen or remodel it. They will definitely help you choose better kitchen design and appliance and will make the whole process really enjoyable. Check them below and try to fully implement these tips if you want to create really great atmosphere in probably the most important room in your house. Continue reading »

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Nov 282012

Home Improvement Through Feng Shui
It may happen to you one day to consider venturing into creating a home improvement project, but when setting your mind in doing this you are not sure where from and with what to start first. This will have to go down to what exactly you plan on achieving. There are many things that home owners look into receiving from their living space. For instance some of them want to have this space offering them the possibility to relax in an efficient way after a full day work. This thing can call for introducing Feng Shui elements within your living space. Continue reading »

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Nov 232012

choosing hot tub
You can find countless ways to decorate your kids playground just by surfing the internet or reading different magazines for interior design. Most of the parents take this work not only as a challenge, but also the pleasure that they can share with the children. If you are one of them then check below the useful tips that will guide you to make the correct decision when decorating the playground of your kids. Continue reading »

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Nov 092012

Luxury wooden hottub
The good decoration of your living room depends mainly on its size and the way you want to use it. Furnishing the living room can be an easy task, but it can become a small nightmare if you don’t know some essential interior design rules and tips. Well, everything depends on you and the people who will spend most of their time in the room, but following some tips will definitely make your job easier. It is easy to decorate a living room which main purpose is just to welcome your guests, but if you use it as the main place for relax and entertainment in your home, then the good decoration is really important matter. You don’t have to use the service of well known designer to bring the comfort and the positive energy in your living room. Check below to useful tips and use your imagination. Continue reading »

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Oct 272012

If you want to refresh the look of your kitchen you don’t have to spend a fortune or to deprive your family of the dreamed vacation. Don’t pay attention to all fashion magazines for interior design trends, because just by using several simple and inexpensive ways you can refresh and make beautiful again your kitchen. Find them below and try to use them if you want to remodel your kitchen fro really less than expected.

You just need few minor changes here and there to reap the compliments from your loved ones and guests. There are thousands of magazines, books and Internet publications which you can use for ideas, just be smart and decide on time what you can handle and how much it would cost you. Continue reading »