Feb 062016

Epdm Rubber RoofingIf you are building a house and the roof is next on the list, you should consider the epdm rubber roofing. This type of roofing proved to be extremely efficient on flat surfaces and since more and more houses are designed to have a flat roof surface, it is easy to understand why the epdm is now so popular. Specialists in constructions say that the epdm rubber roofing prevents the frequent leaks that happen after heavy rain or snow, so it is commonly used in areas with difficult weathering problems. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

garden With the continuous modernization of all the cities in the world, people tend to cut all the trees in the area so that they can maximize the space available for them. We must always put into our minds that an urban tree is also part of the city and little do we know that there are tons of benefits that you can get in planting a tree in your own backyard or near the street. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

0892People nowadays are resorting to landscaping as a means of relieving stress and as a source of livelihood. These endeavour maybe an easy task or a back breaking activity depending on the type of landscape one shall undertake. The introduction of root barrier to landscaping is a great innovation. It prevents the cracks that ultimately causes damage to nearby buildings, walls or pavements. It is a material that is employed to control and directs roots from either shrubs or trees to grow downward instead of outwards. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

TreeMost common problems in putting trees in an urban environment are that it is prone to damage and may not live any longer. Citygreen has created a solution to this problem. The solution is called tree guard. This tree guards are specifically designed to protect the trees in an urbanized area while giving it favorable living conditions. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

Landscaping ServicesThe City Green is an online website that offers landscape solutions. They specialize on problems faced in urban areas. We all know that cities should look beautiful and modernize because it should have a good view since many people will tour around the city. A city should have a good impression to other people to attract visitors thereby increasing the state of their tourism. It is not just about the healthy environment but also there should be a pleasing view to the eyes of the people. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

 Root BarrierHave you ever heard of the company called City green? They have constructed solutions for urban landscaping so that trees on the urban area, such as on the streets of a city, can grow healthy and strong. One of the solutions they have is the use of root barriers. A root barrier is a device that guides the roots of the trees to the ground and into pavements where they can get enough water. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

City GreenCity Green provides urban landscaping services. They have a vision and mission to promote a clean and green environment. That is why one of their services is landscaping and they focus on urban areas because they are concerned about the trees that grow there and the people in that area. It is a given fact that those trees growing in the cities are weak and fragile. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

Urban LandscapingHello, I’m Gina. I own a little garden in the urban area of the suburbs. I love flowers and ornamental plants so the day that I heard about landscaping, I immediately looked for someone to do it for me. I have tried a lot of landscaping in my garden. Urban landscaping really works for me though and it was constructed by the City Green. This is a company who focuses on urban areas for landscaping and other services but they are mostly focused on the city trees and such so I was very lucky that they did my garden even though it’s just a small portion of area. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

Landscape Solutions by the Landscaping Architects You might be curious about the techniques used by those landscaping architects to grown trees on streets. If you want to know, then join me in discovering their landscape solutions and secrets for trees to grow healthy on the streets. The Darley road on Bradford was revitalized last year. The city council had planned to renovate the streets and after the renovation they wanted to plant trees on the sides for the people and for the environment. Continue reading »

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Jan 012016

Root BarrierPlanting trees in urban areas is a good thing. You’ll have a greener atmosphere, good air and natural aesthetic. The only problem with planting trees is that its roots grow really big and sometime destroys infrastructures or roads. Citygreen came up with a solution to this problem known as root barrier. Roots play a vital role in a trees life. Not only it provides moisture to the tree, it also provides foundation so that the tree won’t easily fall. Continue reading »

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