Nov 062015

he concept of wooden hot tubs is being used from the ancient time. American converted the wooden wine vats into the hot tubs and felt the warm bathing. Nowadays, acrylic spas have come in order to replace these timber hot tubs. But, these timber tubs have not lost its significance. These tubs will provide more benefits to the use when compared to the artificial tubs.
You can easily set this tub in any area and can be taken through any type of narrow or wide door way. Continue reading »

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Feb 102013

SPA like firewood hot tubNowadays many people are opting for firewood hot tubs. The hot tubs in the spas and saunas are well known and sought after these days. Many people take up expensive annual memberships of clubs which offer spa and sauna facilities along with fitness centres like gyms. However, not everyone can access such facilities all the time and such club memberships are expensive. Those who can afford it, not only opt to visit such spas for relaxation purposes but also have Jacuzzi baths installed in their homes in order to enjoy the aqua therapy in the comfort of one’s own home. Continue reading »

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Feb 102013

Timber hot tub on stock” target=”_blank”It may seem strange that, even in these modern times, we are often reverting to traditional and age old methods. Even though we are surrounded by technical innovations, we often resort to solutions that are more natural and that have existed for centuries. Many traditional and simple methods that were long forgotten with the progress of modern times and numerous inventions, often come back into vogue. One perfect example is timber hot tubs. Before the advent of modern plumbing works and the facility of hot and cold water Continue reading »

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Jan 282013

wood hot tub stovesWhile Westerners know that bath is essential to cleanse one’s body, Japanese people believe that a bath has cleansing effects on the soul as well. They are known to have used wooden hot tubs for centuries for cleansing one’s body as well as de stressing oneself, relieving one’s body of aches and pains as well as finding relief and mental peace. Today, Westerners are tuning themselves to the benefits of wooden hot tubs. They are realizing that, there is something unique and therapeutic about wooden hot tubs that are fuelled by wood hot tub stove designs. These tubs and their therapeutic effects are far superior to plastic spas that come equipped with hundreds of jets that release water at different pressures at the user’s body. Continue reading »

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Jan 282013

build-hot-tub3People, who live in areas where the winters are damp and cool and go on forever, often wish to have a hot water tub that would allow them to feel warm and relax. However, the costs of hot tubs have been prohibitive due to which many have reverted to build such fixtures themselves. A hot tub is a simple design and those who have expertise in working with wood can easily make use of the do-it-yourself kits that are available in many hardware stores and build wooden hot tubs. Today, with the advent of the internet, there are video instructions that make it easy even for novice users to build wooden hot tub themselves. Continue reading »

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Jan 152013

How to Build wooden hot tubSelf help they say is the best help. Creating something all by yourself definitely makes for an exciting feel. Between ordering a professional carpenter for making a hot tub wooden in make and getting it done with the use of your ingenuity, the latter obviously makes for a satisfactory feel. You can build wooden hot tub by following the mentioned series of steps.
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