Nov 212015

buy-house-8How to find suitable objects
The district courts give dates for upcoming foreclosures known. The published dates of all district courts, see Argetra auction calendar .

This information includes the court file

For every object is present in court an advisory opinion. This results in the official market value. It also contains information on income, structural damage and imperfections. The attached extract from the Land Registry provides clarity on possible charges such as permanent residence rights or rights of way of third parties. For inquiries to the district court be sure to document number of the object to indicate that! Continue reading »

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Jan 052013

Facts About Buying Properties seizedFacts About Buying Properties seized
Seized houses – houses seized Every seller has an obligation to inform the buyer about the future things are not working properly, but windows, doors, roof, heating, plumbing, water heater, electrical system must be functioning normally. This is not the case of banks and HUD, which are excluded by law to provide this information. These homes are sold “as is” without warranty. That is, banks and HUD will not pay for any settlement or improvement in the house sold in such conditions. But even if some still need a home repair and do not need it all, your purchase is still a good investment. Continue reading »

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Jan 052013

How to Buy My First HouseOne of the most important decisions when planning for your future, is where will I live? It is a decision that involves economic issues, budget and ability to save. If you decide to buy a home must take into account: The Zone – Find an area where to see your future. The way to do this is to ask here I want my children live and grow? It is also convenient to analyze the time of transfer to schools, jobs, supermarkets, major roadways, etc. Continue reading »

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Dec 012012

Buy or rent

Buy  or rent We found in many places on the Internet tests which you can find out what is smarter, buy or rent. Usually it comes down to you, if you do not explicitly specified that you have no problem with that monthly money to throw away should always buy. This is really a much too rosy presentation of the facts, because there are enough reasons for a house to rent. When you buy a house you always pay, in addition to the purchase price, about 8% to 10% cost you when you sell the house immediately lost. Ideally, the house until you sell the house as more money has become, or you have 10% equity built up. Continue reading »

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Nov 142012

choosing hot tub
Buying a home is the dream of many. However, the choice of our house or apartment can make mistakes and make an investment that ultimately will not serve us. It is not just a question of choosing it as cheap or at bontica that look, it’s also a matter of geographical location, site safety and closeness / distance from our place of work or study.

Every account when choosing our home, it’s good to give us time to think about it, because we live in our house, possibly the rest of our lives.

Studying bids

It is good to go by the first offer, we must be patient and not to Continue reading »

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