Nov 062015

Timber Hot Tubs

Timber Hot Tubs

Therapeutic healing has been done in the globe for so many years, using warm water. This has been introduced in the form of timber hot tubs. You will experience the incredible relaxation by bathing in warm water. It would be enjoyable for you to get soaked in the naturally heated springs. Most of the people are interested to utilize the hot tub, as these traditional barrels are being transformed into modern versions. Continue reading »

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Apr 032015

stove hot tubWood-fired hot water baths have enjoyed much popularity ever since its inception centuries ago. It is fabled that the Chinese already knew more about the therapeutic effects of such tubs. When used appropriately, it can cleanse your body, your body as well as your soul. Just take a dip in one of those thousand dollar contraptions known as spas and Jacuzzis. Continue reading »

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Jan 012015

repair floor
If part of the edge of a floor becomes springy, and particularly if a gap opens up between the floor and the skirting board, or if cracks appear or plaster begins to flake away from the corresponding area of ceiling on the floor below, the root of the problem is likely to be where the ends of the joists meet the wall. Joists can need attention for a number of reasons: Continue reading »

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Oct 242012

wood hot tubA day’s toiling leaves us tired and exhausted. All that comes to our mind when we come back to our residence is a relaxing bath which can drain off all the exhaustion. It is not possible to hang out at a body-spa on a daily basis and so, here is a much-desired solution for you. You can purchase the wood-fired hot tubs and enjoy the same essence as that of a good body-spa. The best part of this is that you can call up your friends and go for a wet-party as well in these hot-tubs.

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Sep 302012

wood hot tubProduced In Estonia with High Quality of Pine, Spruce and Larch Converted Timber

[PRESS RELEASE-September 18, 2012] is one of the best wooden hot tubs producers in the world, which are made of high quality pine, spruce and larch converted timber. Experienced craftsmen using traditional methods of woodworking manually assemble all the Baltresto’s wooden hot tubs.
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