Jan 012016

treeIf you have a pet or a small child that is always roaming around in your garden and you growing a tree, you can use a tree guard to protect you precious tree from damage. You can use these tree guards to vulnerable plants like small crops or a young baby tree until they will be strong enough to protect themselves. If you want to use tree guards for your tree, here are some types that might be suitable for your need. Continue reading »

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Nov 212015

buy-house-1The youngest of the family enjoy much of his bedroom. Especially when playing with friends. Also when it comes time to sleep because the walls and decorations are friends who hug at night while sleeping. So it is always very important to consider the designs and decoration applied in the small room. My opinion is that small rooms should have attractive people and pictures that stimulate your imagination. There’s nothing more boring for a child to live his childhood in a plain and boring room. Continue reading »

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Nov 212015

buy-house-2Before buying a house make sure that you are financially secure. Buying a house is the biggest expensive single thing a person will spend their money on during their life. Make sure you can afford to buy your house by following our tips. Run a Credit Report to make certain that there are no discrepancies or problems in your credit history. Continue reading »

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Nov 212015

buy-house-3Why are there disorder?, To establish an order is essential that everything has its place for indoors. The order is maintained when we acquired the routine of putting everything in place after use. The patterns of order: 1) The benefits of an orderly home: The order in foreign aid in order to organize our thoughts and our minds. Have not you noticed that when you need to put order in his life, the first thing to do is fix up the closet. Hence the order is directly related to mental order. Continue reading »

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Nov 212015

buy-house-4>In general, the parties agree on the choice of the notary of the vendor. The undersigned is both the editor of the preliminary contract and the editor of the bona fide sale. But the choice of the notary is completely free. The seller and the buyer can also ask their respective notary to assist in the sale. The two notaries will have to share fees from the sale.

Signature Sales
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Nov 212015

buy-house-7In the sales agreement (sometimes also called ” promise of sale”) both parties agree: the owner to sell and the acquirer to acquire. This mutual commitment is already a sale when the property is identified and its price is set.

WARNING: The sale agreement is already a sale and not a mere promise. Continue reading »

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Nov 212015

buy-house-8How to find suitable objects
The district courts give dates for upcoming foreclosures known. The published dates of all district courts, see Argetra auction calendar .

This information includes the court file

For every object is present in court an advisory opinion. This results in the official market value. It also contains information on income, structural damage and imperfections. The attached extract from the Land Registry provides clarity on possible charges such as permanent residence rights or rights of way of third parties. For inquiries to the district court be sure to document number of the object to indicate that! Continue reading »

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