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Buy or rent

Buy  or rent We found in many places on the Internet tests which you can find out what is smarter, buy or rent. Usually it comes down to you, if you do not explicitly specified that you have no problem with that monthly money to throw away should always buy. This is really a much too rosy presentation of the facts, because there are enough reasons for a house to rent. When you buy a house you always pay, in addition to the purchase price, about 8% to 10% cost you when you sell the house immediately lost. Ideally, the house until you sell the house as more money has become, or you have 10% equity built up.
Therefore, we would never buy a house if we do less than one year or 5 would want to live. This can be very different if you have serious reasons to believe that the value of the property quickly will increase, or if you know that your income will take a long flight. Furthermore, we believe that any serious look at your life can not hurt. When you within a few years, children and / or a partner will is perhaps less useful for a 40 square meter apartment somewhere in the city to purchase.

Buy house sensibly

Buy house sensiblyNowadays, everyone has the desire of a beautiful house. Everyone your home according to your need, but want to make economic liberalization and growing market of consumers Pratirspdhaon the problems have increased. Our ancestors of a house by tomorrow – a brick with my hands were Lgwate. At that time they have had too much time, but today we do not have time so that home. So we made – to have to buy a house. Globalization of the time when the world is becoming smaller and many prices have increased all around. India’s Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, where land prices in metros like touching the sky are there to prepare the house for the common man has

become a day dream. In such a facility with both satisfaction and it is difficult to get big, even by Settembrino standards. People generally seem to be there, bought the house to buy his house, but then the spirit is pale, when the new house in a few days after the new – new problems they have raised. Your home may be easier to buy related problems. If you take care of some things. Care — * Buy a house before his legal status check on the ownership of what is and what his purpose is set. Buy her a permanent home time * Have certainly Registry. * Buy a house before its sale must Deed. * Check that the water supply and drain for the house in order. * According to the shelf in the house you need, racks, etc., additional arrangements or not? * Buy the house with a reliable person. * What’s in the house is natural light, keep in mind about this. * Where the site parking of vehicles will be. Check for this course.

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