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hot tubHot tub bath is used in usually in cold countries where the water gets cool very soon. There is need of hot water to keep the body warm and to have that refreshing feel by staying in hot water at least for thirty minutes. One must remember all the inventions are created beyond the necessity to have a comfort. Hot tub is also invented to provide the hot, refreshing and comfortable way of removing body pains.
The first bath tub is made of wood and then a gradual improvement has been observed.

This method of refreshing hot water immersion is as old as 5000 years. As it is told earlier necessity is the mother of invention. When one method is found to have the comforts, the defects will also become very evident and shortcomings are always under the need to be corrected. This wooden hot tub is also seen many changes. The history of bath tubs can be located as back as prehistoric period. There is an ample proof for the luxuriously build wooden hot tubs enjoyed by rich and royal people in the history.
This hot bath shows that various methods were used to build wooden hot tubs. The very first material used for the hot tub is wood. Though there are so many types of wood are there, to prepare the hot tub cedar wood is best suited. Recent name for these tubs is known as Jacuzzi.
It is called as spa, there are three types of tubs, private tubs which were used in private houses, second type of tubs are used in public places, third type of tubs are used for the public in public places. There are evidences that from ancient are time the civilizations are known to build wooden hot tubs for the comfortable bath.
There are so many evidences to show to the modern civilization that tubs were in use from the pre historic period. There may be their own reasons to create different types of dresses. Depending upon the need and size all these inventions are made and there are so many types of bath tubs came into existence.
The size itself indicates the use and number of people for whom these bath tubs are used. The methods used to keep the water hot are also worth mentioning. There is an interesting history beyond these tubs and it spells light on the position of the civilization also.

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