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garden With the continuous modernization of all the cities in the world, people tend to cut all the trees in the area so that they can maximize the space available for them. We must always put into our minds that an urban tree is also part of the city and little do we know that there are tons of benefits that you can get in planting a tree in your own backyard or near the street.

There are a lot of benefits of planting trees in the city, here are some examples of how great trees can help you and your neighborhood. The most important benefits of trees are it improves our air. In can convert the carbon dioxide that we emit through breathing into oxygen which is very beneficial to us. Trees also decrease the greenhouse effect of building and houses. It means that it can prevent your establishment form getting burned up by the heat that is trapped. In that way, you can save energy and electricity because you do not need to have a lot of air conditioning units to use. Trees also reduce air pollution. By planting trees near the streets or maybe in the center isle can greatly decrease the air pollution which makes our environment hot. Researches show that planting trees in the street can decrease pollution by up to 60 percent.
Trees also protect our water. It prevents soil erosion by getting the excess water and makes the soil stronger. It also acts as a filter. It removes harmful chemical that can possibly go into our water systems. One tricky benefit of trees is that it can decrease traffic accidents. Placing tall trees in the side of the street make the road narrower making the drivers ride slowly and safely preventing accidents and speed violators in your area.

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