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wood hot tubProduced In Estonia with High Quality of Pine, Spruce and Larch Converted Timber

[PRESS RELEASE-September 18, 2012] is one of the best wooden hot tubs producers in the world, which are made of high quality pine, spruce and larch converted timber. Experienced craftsmen using traditional methods of woodworking manually assemble all the Baltresto’s wooden hot tubs.

With abundance of hot tubs in their portfolio, Baltresto has launched wooden hot tub with bubble system, a sensation in hot tub industry. The powerful bubble system ensures a relaxing, tranquil and soothing experience.

Hot tub is most important items in the house and it is must-have product in winter. A house is incomplete without a hot tub and everyone knows the relaxing effect of slipping in the wooden hot tub with bubble system after long tiring day.
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Keeping this in mind, Baltresto’s launched the wooden hot tub, which has been creating buzz for its bubble system in the market and it is available with elastic coated, fully insulated, consume low electricity, automatic filtration and electronic control system.

The positive effect of wooden hot tubs on body is not a mystery, as latest study suggests that hot tub helps to create healthier bodies, hearts, minds and lifestyles. You can enjoy all the benefits of the wooden hot tubs with bubble system during weekends and holidays with your family, friends and relatives.

The Baltresto’s wooden hot tubs are affordable and reasonably priced. Baltresto also manufactures assembled baths and all necessary staff for baths besides hot tubs. They provide service in the entire Europe.

Baltresto is professional timber hot tubs manufacturers, which offer hot tubs, saunas and stoves as well as a variety of accessories that can make more pleasant and comfortable mood in your home. They also offer attractive discounts on all their wooden hot tubs.


If you are interested in buying wooden hot tub, visit to get detailed information.


Baltresto is popular Estonian based manufacturers of wooden tubs and saunas for several years. They have been honored as most successful Estonian company in 2012 and accredited rating AA for their exceptional services all around the world.

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Tallinn; 11415

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